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  • Emergency Contact Number For Indian Nationals only
    (Только для индийских граждан) :-
    +7 911 1772281

Important Notice for Travelers to India



  1. As per existing Guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), Government of India, only Inmarsat Satphones , excluding BGAN system, are permitted for use/import by Foreign Nationals( Governments , Corporate Houses, Members of Mountaineering Expeditions and other such categories) with prior permission from DoT. Satellite phones brought in baggage/ hand baggage without the necessary Government of India license issued by DoT shall be detained / confiscated, as per existing procedures, till the time the holder of the satellite phone is able to provide a license issued by DoT, Government of India. In case of import of cargo, a declaration is to be given by the person importing the goods about the details of the goods. Therefore, all intending visitors are advised to make a declaration to the Indian Customs to this effect at the first port of entry. Unauthorized operation/ use of any telegraphic service / device, including wireless, constitutes a violation of relevant GoI laws, rules and regulations.

  2. Thuraya/Irridium Satphone Service is not permitted in India. Anyone using any prohibited telegraphic device, including Satphone, violates the existing laws and is liable to be penalized under the law.”

2. It is advisable to avail pre-paid taxis/auto-rikshaws (three wheeler taxis) wherever available at the airports and railways stations. For metered taxis insist on paying by meter or ask for a fare chart.

3. Shop at Government emporia/fixed price shops as far as possible. This ensures good quality products at reasonable prices. Insist on proper receipts/bills of purchase.

4. Keep your valuables in hotel lockers/safe deposit vaults.

5. India tourism has a system of approving travel agents/tour operators who conform to prescribed standards of service and quality. Always book your tours through such agencies. A list of approved travel agents/tour operators is available at the local India Tourism office/State Government Tourist Office.

6. For guiding services, hire a Government approved tourist guide who always carries an identity card issued by India Tourism and Archaeological Survey of India.

7. Change money only at authorized foreign exchange outlets/banks/hotels and insist on proper receipt.

8. Contact the nearest India Tourism office/State Government Tourist Office for authentic information. All these offices supply guide maps/brochures free of cost/at a nominal cost.

9. Confirm/re-confirm hotel booking yourself.

10. Buy train tickets from Railway Booking Counters or through authorized Travel Agents.

11. Always keep a Xerox copy of your passport and visa for any exigency.


1. Don't fall for tempting exchange rates offered by unauthorized people.

2. Don't allow any unauthorized person to act on your behalf. Stay away from touts.

3. Don't purchase air/bus/train tickets through strangers, touts and unauthorized travel agencies.

4. Don't accept lavish hospitality extended by strangers/unknown persons especially while shopping for jewellery and expensive items.

5. Don't travel in a Taxi carrying any person other than the driver.

Emergency Telephone Numbers: Police-100 / Ambulance-101

Important Notice for travelers to Russia


1. You need to do the registration within 72 hours of your arrival in Russia. Normally it is the hotel, where you are staying supposed to take care of your registration.

2. Please keep the immigration slip (which is being stamped by the Russian immigration authorities at the airport) till your departure from the country.

3. The instances of pick-pocketing and robbing are quite frequent, please keep your valuables always safe. Copies of your travel documents (passport & visa) should always be kept with you. Keep also some passport size photos with you.

4. Please register with the Consulate, so that in case of any emergency, the Consulate could provide assistance or contact your relatives in India.

5. If you lose your credit/debit card, block the same immediately.


1. Do not overstay after expiry of visa, legalizing your stay by getting visa extension locally is not possible.

2. If you aspire to work here, then need to get proper invite from the Russian company for the job. Get in touch with the Russian company directly, do not trust to touts/agents in India. Do not fall prey to false promises and rosy pictures of the job opportunities and salaries shown by touts/agents in India. Many job seekers had been deceived and cheated by such touts and agents.

3. Check the visa before starting your travel. You can’t work on “tourist visa”. There are many such examples of job seekers coming on “tourist visa” and then could not sustain themselves after landing in Russia.

4. There are many false educational institutes, who through their agents promise student visa and jobs in Russia. Don’t fall prey to such promises.

5. Don't take a taxi alone at night. Avoid a car if it has anyone besides a driver. Know where you are going and sound sure of yourself when negotiating a price with the driver.

6. Don't accept lavish hospitality extended by strangers/unknown persons especially while shopping for jewellery and expensive items.

If you are in any emergency (for Indian nationals only) please contact on mobile number: +79111772281