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  • Emergency Contact Number For Indian Nationals only
    (Только для индийских граждан) :-
    +7 911 1772281

For urgent attention of OCI card applicants

As per the extant guidelines, capturing of biometrics of fingerprints & face (if technically feasible) for registration as OCI cardholders is mandatory. In case of OCI card applications submitted to Indian Missions/Posts abroad, the applicants will have the option of giving biometrics at the application stage or at the Immigration Check Posts on arrival in India. Applicants are, however, be advised to give bio metrics at the Indian Mission/Post concerned at the application stage itself i.e. at the document verification stage. If for any reason the applicant is not able to give the biometrics at the application stage (which shall be informed to the Indian Mission/Post concerned in writing), his/her biometrics shall be captured during his/her entry/exit at the Immigration Check Posts (ICPs) when they travel to/from India. Biometrics once captured would be valid for next 5 years from the date of enrollment and applicants would not be required to be enrolled again within 5 years. Exemption would be granted to only applicants above 70 years of age or below 12 years of age or having no fingerprints.